the sickies

Friday, January 27, 2012  at 10:58 PM
It all started on the evening of January 12th.  I was working on a little design stuff, and things started being weird with my computer.  I tried to figure out what the problem was, and the more I messed with it, the crazier it got.  We took it to the computer shop and it took the man two weeks of working on it every day to get it back up and working!  And it's still giving us some issues, so it may be going back again, but I sure hope not!!

Then, Tuesday the 17th, we had Cricket's first birthday party, and being the wonderful on-top-of-things mother that I am (not), I put my camera in my purse, but left my purse at home, so I have ZERO pictures of the night except for what I took on my cheap cell phone.  Fortunately, my mother-in-law took several, so she's going to share with me, and we got it all on video.

Wednesday night, Daddy Long Legs was up ALL night with a stomach bug.  He was much better the next day, but Grasshopper ended up with it before the day was over.  He had some terrible diarrhea, and I knew he wasn't feeling well.  Since I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before since my poor hubby was sick and I had a bad cold, I decided to lay down during nap time.  Hopper came to me a few minutes after I laid down and said he wanted to "go night-night to you" (instead of with you--isn't that precious?) and I thought he just wasn't feeling well, so I laid him down next to me in my bed.  Outside of the grace of God, I don't know what made me do it, but I took Daddy's pillows off the bed and gave Hopper the extra pillow that I sometimes put between my knees when I sleep.  I'm SO glad I did that because...well...we ended up having to throw that pillow away.  He got sick ALL over the bed.

And so it began.  The throwing up lasted all Thursday night, Friday, and Friday night.  He still had some serious diarrhea all week, and when I called the doctor about it, they wanted to see him so we went in yesterday.  The doctor believes that he had a stomach virus (which is going around like crazy on the floor of the hospital where my husband works, so that makes sense) and is having a hard time fighting it off for some reason.  We should have the results of the test back Monday, but he's done much better today, so I'm hoping he'll be well by Monday.  Isn't that the way it always works?  You deal with a problem for so long, and then it goes away the second the doctor is made aware of it.  Ha!

But do you know what we found out?  Hopper lost over FOUR pounds in a week.  And for a kid less than 35 pounds to begin with, that's a LOT.  

Fortunately, I only got a touch of the bug, and Cricket seems to have escaped it completely.  I've never had to deal with a stomach bug with my babies before, and it was terrible!  Hopper was such a big boy with all of it.  He tried so hard to make it to the potty before he "spit", and he did most of the time.  I felt so helpless standing by him while he was sick, and it just tore my heart out.  It just hurt me so much to see my baby in pain and not be able to do anything about it.

And the worst part by far is that I think Hopper sensed my helplessness and it registered to him as frustration.  He kept apologizing for throwing up or "messied up undies", and I think he thought he was going to get in trouble for it.  I just held him and tried my best to make him feel better.  I would have given anything in the world to take it from him.  I'm SO glad that part of it is over!!

So that's pretty much been our lives for the past couple weeks.  I didn't take many pictures because I'm sure you wouldn't want to see what we've looked like for the past several days. 

But anyway, that gets you back up to speed on us.  And now, I'm going to bed!  :)

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