Thursday, January 12, 2012  at 9:30 PM
Hey, all!  Our computer's on the fritz, so I can't upload any pictures today.  That's a shame, too, because I had the most adorable pictures to show you!  Hopefully we'll get it running like it's normal self soon!

I thought I'd let you know some of the cute things Hopper's been saying lately.  It may bore all of you to death, but this is my place to document things like this, and to me, his mommy, this is precious.  :)

He calls the refrigerator the "fridger."

We've never really worked with him on what to say when people say "How old are you?" and we've gotten a big laugh out of that lately.  Somebody asked him that the other day and he said, "Fine, thank you!"  I guess he thought they meant "How are you?"  

He calls several of the ladies at church "Brother".  Even Daddy Long Legs' grandmother is "Brother Granny."  One of the laypreachers' wives is "Brother Jonna".  He's so big with the adults at church.  He'll walk right up to them and shake their hands.  He absolutely LOVES to go to church.

At our church, the kids start singing in the young people's choir when they're two.  It's not all little kids, though.  It's really the young married couples, the teenagers, and the kids.  I don't get many opportunities to watch him in the choir because I'm in the choir myself (He's in the very front and I'm in the very back, and on opposite sides.) but I sat out a few days ago because Cricket was sleeping in my arms and I didn't want to disturb him.  Let's just say Hopper is very, very, very animated in the choir.  He sings SO well!  And he puts so much expression into it!  It's really funny because most of the other boys his age surrounding him are standing stiff as a board with blank expressions on their face, and right in the middle of them is my little Broadway star.  I sat there and laughed SO hard, and then I talked to my mom after church, and she said that's completely normal for him.  I'm so glad he enjoys singing to the Lord!  I know he may not understand now, but it still does this mommy's heart good! 

He can nearly quote "The Little Red Caboose" from beginning to end.  Want to know how?  Because he has me read it to him twenty thousand times a day.  I do get weary of it, but I'm glad he has a love for books.

When he needs to use the restroom, he says he needs to put his bubbles in the potty.  :)

When we are in town, and we mention something about eating out, he always says he want to go to "Chik-a-lay" to eat fries and take his shoes off.

He calls people "skinny boy."  Don't ask.

The other day when he got out of the bathtub, I told him we were going to go to his Mamaw's house.  He stood there in his birthday suit and said, "Okay, I gotta put my shoes on!"  He wasn't concerned about clothes at all!  Ha!!

Well, that's about it for now.  Our computer's headed to the shop tomorrow, so I probably won't have an opportunity to get back, so have a good weekend!!

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  1. I am now following you and would love to win a blog makeover - I have tried and tried to do my own blog - but can never get it to work out!! Yours is super duper cute!