shaving like daddy

Saturday, January 28, 2012  at 9:19 PM
We found the most adorable thing at Walmart. 
The most precious ever thing for little boys.  My little man has a shaving kit.  *tears*

It's a little can of real shaving cream (It smells more like women's than men's, though.) and a rubber toy razor.

Hopper has always loved to watch Daddy shave, so he was anxious to get started.  He knew just what to do.
 Daddy helped him get lathered up.
Watching Daddy intently, just to be sure what he needed to do.
First stroke...a clean shave!

 Getting the hang of it!
He loved it!
I love to watch my boys imitate their Daddy.  I'm so thankful that they have an example of a Godly man in their home.  My dad isn't a Christian, and that's something that I never had, so I know how blessed they are!  Daddy Long Legs doesn't get much time with the boys, but he makes the most of the time he does have.  I love how Hopper wants to be like him!  I can think of no one I'd rather be their hero!!

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