exciting changes!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012  at 9:24 PM
There are big things happening to this blog!  I've been spending lots of time working on it lately, and I'm almost ready to relaunch.  I've pretty much decided that while our lives are far from boring, they're not really all that exciting, either, and I'm having a hard time finding inspiration to blog.

But all that is changing.  I have some amazing things to share with you, and I've never been more excited about my blog than I am right now.  I'm going a less personal direction, though I'll still share little tidbits of what's going on around here.  

Like how my husband has finals next week and really needs to make an awesome grade in one class or else the unthinkable might happen.  Gulp.

Lately my blog has been about...all kinds of stuff, but now, it's going to be about all kinds of...stuff.  Make sense?  Tease, tease, tease.  :)

Hopefully I'll be launching soon!  May 1st is my goal!!  I can't wait to share it all with you.  And give it all to you.  


Bye, ladies!!

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