heath and wealth

Tuesday, January 10, 2012  at 9:15 PM
Whew!  What a day!  We made an appointment for Cricket's 12 month checkup months ago, and we thought we had scheduled it to fall during Daddy Long Legs' Christmas break.  School started back a bit earlier than we had originally anticipated, so the appointment fell during school.  Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but we only have one vehicle, so we had to really juggle today.  Daddy also worked all night, so that just complicated things all the more.  He came home, got about two hours of sleep, and then we all got in the car.  We dropped Grasshopper off with a sweet girl from church, and we dropped Daddy off at school.  Then, me and Cricket wasted some time before his appointment.

We got there early, and as we sat in the office, I watched my little boy playing with the toys and I just thanked the Lord that we were on the "well" side, and not the "sick" side.  We had the waiting room to ourselves for a bit, so I let him roam the room, and I just concentrated on his every move.  I think health is one thing that I've really taken for granted with my boys.  There are SO many sick children out there, and my boys are perfectly healthy.  I don't want to get used to that.  Every single breath they breathe is a blessing from God.  How good He's been to my little family!

While we were in the waiting room, a mom walked through with her baby in a carrier.  I peeked over the blanket as she walked by me, and inside was a baby that had obviously been born premature.  As she stepped to the counter, the receptionist told her that she needed to bring her baby back in a week.  Again, I thanked the Lord for health.

Then my phone rang.  A lady that we know has cancer, and her family decided to take her off her ventilator today.  My friend called to ask me about a song they were planning to have sung at the funeral.  I thought of the lady's husband and two teenage children who will be left without their precious loved one, and again, I thanked the Lord for health.

We left with a perfect bill of health for Cricket (except for a prescription for a mean diaper rash we've been fighting for a while).  Just tonight I read this post, and while that child isn't facing pain, it still breaks my heart.  I am so humbled by the Lord's blessings on me!  And I know Kelly would tell you the same.  It's so hard to put my heart into words, but I know the Lord understands my heart.  I can honestly say that I am so blessed!

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  1. I know what you mean about not taking health for granted. It really is a blessing to be only worrying about diaper rash (Tyler had a bad case of it a couple of months ago, too).